19.11.2016 - 23.11.2016

Phillip Zwanzig

4 eve r – Memories of the deceased

Apart from the obvious 4 eve r tells anecdotes from the Sein and recalls the now. On the sunday before the first advent sorrow and pain move in the focus. It’s the feast day of the deceased, it’s Totensonntag. On this day we recall the ethereal of life and capture our existence in its mortality. On this day we do hope as well and watch how infinity of all lives unfolds itself in front of us. Everything which is now, will be gone someday. Hope and mortality stand next to each. In the space between the both lies 4 eve r. In the night before Totensonntag we celebrate life.

Phillip Zwanzig shows things, which we are not aware of. He moves on the margins of visibility and destroys the veils of banality in its photographs. He captures fleeting moments, the invisible, which first becomes visible when captured and which only then claims its space. His pictures live and speak to us from two coexisting worlds.
Zwanzig finished his education in photography at the Physikalisch Technischen Universität Braunschweig. Following this, he studied communication design at the school of applied sciences in Potsdam and worked as assistant for Daniel Josefsohn. He works as photographer and communication designer in Berlin.


4 eve r in now. Anecdotes from the Sein. Kept glowing – 4 eve r.