Feeding Animals


Magdalena Bichler and Martin Maeller

Raum Vollreinigung invites you to the opening of the exhibition feeding animals featuring works by Magdalena Bichler and Martin Maeller.

Both artists pursue similar approaches in creating their work, such as methods of searching and collecting or constructing and transforming. They try to examine the effect of the materials used in their artistic practice. The exhibition focuses on different manifestations and strategies of symbolical impact.

In her artistic work Magdalena Bichler extracts objects from daily life and transforms them into autonomous entities. Based on photographs she creates sculptural works that involve the viewer through a physical experience.

Martin Maeller’s work activates metaphorical approaches. The visualised, reduced gestures explore essential transformation processes. With a particular focus on detail and a skillfull combination of materials, his work is a negotiation between the material and the immaterial.