Cortney Cassidy, Ephameron, Siemen Van Gaubergen and Lasse Wandschneider.

Raum Vollreinigung invites you to the opening of group exhibition “Inselform” on Saturday April 15th at 20:00, featuring works by Cortney Cassidy (US), Ephameron (BE), Siemen Van Gaubergen (BE) and Lasse Wandschneider (DE).

Specially for the night EME will come and do a mini-set followed by Synik who will take care of the rest of the night.

“Inselform” started out as an art project that formulates ideas on collaborating in a group exhibition and parallel publication. Inspired by writings and descriptions from Cortney Cassidy, the three additional artists set in motion a visual communication that consisted of their process images and specific concepts. The different approaches to Cortney’s texts form the basis to initiate a one-week art residency at gallery Raum Vollreinigung in Berlin, where they will be working towards the opening night on Saturday April 15th.

Cortney Cassidy is a visual artist and writer in New York. She self-publishes her writings on being a girl on the internet through various websites.

Ephameron lives in Antwerp and is currently preparing a PhD in the Visual Arts, researching artistic autobiographical comics.

Siemen Van Gaubergen stays between Berlin and Leuven and likes to shift from graphic design to painting and back.

Lasse Wandschneider is a Berlin-based illustrator. His comic book “Regen” was published by Reprodukt in 2016.

EME was born in Kinshasa, EME shortened from Emeraude is a vocalist from around Leuven. She has been singing since the tender age of 10 and is now ready to take her chance. Mostly influenced by Soul, new and old Rnb, EME sings songs about love, loss and life.

From smooth jazz vibes to Brazilian rhythms and African beats Synik brings the whole world closer. Based in Leuven, his latest mixtapes ‘Africa in Berlin’, ‘Call For Cuts: Synik’ and his ‘Sereia’ mix, which he made for the Brussels based art and music collective Perron Zes, seamlessly fuse disco, funk, house and Brazilian beats with a unique energy. This follows Synik’s original mixes, where jazz, funk and other enchanting genres collide in sometimes soulful, sometimes energetic forms.