Lilla Göteborg – Curated by Nevven


Group show curated by Nevven

Raum Vollreinigung invites you to the opening of the group exhibition “Lilla Göteborg” (Little Gotenburg) on Saturday July 15th at 19:00.

The show is curated by Nevven and features works by a group of artists all living and working in Gothenburg.

We are pleased to show works by:

Johannes Brander
Marie Dahlstrand
Ellie Engelhem
Fanny Hellgren
Nils Kristofferson
Ivar Lövheim
Mattia Lullini
Eric Magassa
Bea Marklund
Oskar Nilsson
Åsa Nordberg / Jennie Sunden
Lars Daniel Rehn
Alina Vergnano
Fredrik Åkum

Nevven is a gallery for contemporary art in Gothenburg. It was founded in April 2015 by artists Alina Vergnano and Mattia Lullini who transformed their former studio to a project space to show local and international artists.

“Finding its position in between a commercial gallery and a public art project, Nevvens goal is being a venue for the most contemporary art movements, a bridge between Sweden and the rest of the artistic world and an ethical project for the involved artists, the art lovers and the broader public. The gallery pursues these objectives not only by setting exhibitions at the top of their standards but also regularly organizing and funding artists talks in collaboration with the Gothenburg’s Central Library, public art interventions and school visits to the gallery. “

“Lilla Göteborg” gathers a selection of what Nevven considers some of the most interesting – both established and upcoming – Gothenburg based artists, setting side by side abstraction and figuration, painting and textiles, photography and sculpture. This motley crew of artists is the expression of a strong growing local scene but is also clearly connected to an equally variegated international new direction in the arts, to that multitude of practices and artistic researches that embody a new trust in visual communication, expressed in a renewed attention to painting and drawing, and a new interest towards the exploration of materials and craft.