O.M. O.M.

28. 06. 2019

Ole Meergans & Olga Monina mit Akim als Gastkoch

O & M

O is a potatoe with a face so round
so delicious and creamy
thoughts in his head turn dreamy

M is a tiny fish swimming real quick
in a tank full of thoughts
only strategies no tricks

O puts emphasis in reading books
but still concerned with his looks
it is not easy to combine both

M keeps on researching thrilling looks
and to find a special one or two
she looks them up in colourful books

O chills home alone
playing endlessly with his phone
bored to the bone

M giggles she knows boredom as well
a badflight at night
could easily turn to hell

O is calling the so-called-cab
inside there sits a crab
listening to Saxonaian rap

M can enjoy a beer or two
and a good joke on fart,pee and poo
makes her laugh like a cuckoo

O comes to play with M sometime
they go outside drink longdrinks with lime
it is easy like that.

Poem by Fid. Fischer

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Ole Meergans & Olga Monina
mit Akim als Gastkoch

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Ole Meergans & Olga Monina
with Akim as Guestcook