One Year Raum Vollreinigung


Clemens Behr, Julius Dörner, Siemen Van Gaubergen and 44flavours

On Saturday 21st of October at 19h, Raum Vollreinigung invites you to celebrate the “One Year Raum Vollreinigung”, a group show with works by:  

Clemens Behr
Julius Dörner
Siemen Van Gaubergen

One year ago, Raum Vollreinigung started out as the studio of Sebastian Bagge, Clemens Behr, Julius Dörner and Julio Rölle. After some renovation we opened our space on 15th of October 2016. By now Raum Vollreinigung has been the setting of over 20 exhibitions, concerts and events.

To celebrate our one year existence we put together a book, which tells the story of Raum Vollreinigung in 120 pages, from the first day until now. The book is limited to 100 copies and will be available for sale at the opening.

For the night we have ’The Doom Chakra All stars’ providing us with music.