Pizza Hawaii


Brad Downey, Clemens Behr and Filippo Minelli

Raum Vollreinigung is happy to invite you to

a group show with works by :

Brad Downey / Clemens Behr / Filippo Minelli

Cities all over the world are covered with banners and images to disguise building sites, enhance urban decor, spectacularize events. These banners often represent the idealization of reality, rather than reality itself, leaving room for considerations on perception and identity. Very often it is just much easier for us to just go with the imitations of the desirable.

In ‘Pizza Hawaii’ 3 artists from Italy, USA and Germany – respectively the nation that invented pizza, the one where the Hawaiian islands are, and the nation where pineapple pizza is still a thing – engaged with the meaning of these exotic images in public and private space.


We would like to have you at the opening on Saturday 9.9.2017 from 18h for cervezita (you pay).