The Tropics


David Quiles Guilló

A solo stunt authored by David Quiles Guilló, inspired in the decades of grey between contemporary lazy loadings and the abstract expressionist movement.

The Tropics aims to create intense colour shift moments shaped by means of rules and omissions, acceptance and refusal, luring the viewer into myopical unrandomness and severe visual boredom. 

David creates beautiful yet functional artwork in the highest quality. All paintings are oil handmade using the finest outsourced craftsmanship and are characterised by simplicity, functionality and timelessness.

Not one single line of code has been abused in the making of this show, featuring made in China oil paintings, made in USA print on demand books, made in France business cards, made in Germany cold beers, made in Cuba DJ and made in Spain stuntman.

about the author

David Quiles Guilló (1973, Spain) is a cultural entrepreneur, writer and art maker, founder and head chancellor of THE WRONG New Digital Art Biennale (since 2013), the most compelling art biennale ever, publisher of ABSTRACT EDITIONS (since 2015), a publishing house to deliver Abstract Literature printed to the world, and 7tNbjV (since 2017), a young publishing label focused on releasing abstract literature graphic novels and art projects as paperback print on demand books. 

In the recent past David founded and managed the festival NOVA Contemporary Culture (2010-2012) and the visual art printed magazine ROJO (2001-2011) among many other projects.

about the DJs

Señor Pozo, Animal Von Lluch y la Radio Nacional plus secret guests. Das gemeinsame Projekt von den in Berlin wohnenden DJs SR. Pozo (Kuba) und Animal Von Lluch (Spanien). Eine wilde und bunte Mischung aus karibeinische Rhythmen, Salsa, Cumbia und Samples aus Telenovelas.