Unfinished Dialogue


Daniela Janjic and Stefanie Kägi

In a first collaboration, the two artists explore the possibilities on how text and image are influencing each other.

How does the interaction between the different fields work? Language and image. What formal boundaries arise between the written word and the material? What possibilities for mutual enrichment of the two different arts are still to be discovered? How to deal with longer texts?

A first dialogue attempt. An emergence in the process.


Daniela Janjic, born 1984 in Mostar (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

After acquiring Bachelors at the Swiss Literary Institute, she studied Dramatic Writing at the University of the Arts in Berlin. She works as a writer, playwright and director.


Stefanie Kägi, born 1987 in Winterthur (Switzerland), studied at the School of Art Berlin – Weißensee and École Nationale de Beaux-Arts Paris. She is engaged in painting and installation.